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I am a landscape and urban landscape photographer based in Hong Kong who enjoys traveling the world in search of captivating images of both the natural and the man made. I am particularly fascinated by natural patterns formed by nature itself and through my work I try to capture the artistic beauty created by natural phenomena. I believe that beauty can be found everywhere and I seek to portray those magical moments when composition, light, motion. colour and gesture come together. Sometimes this involves seeking out the spectacular. At other times it involves finding the spectacular and beauty in the otherwise mundane. My work tends towards the painterly and I enjoy using light and composition to blur the lines between photography and painting.

A selection of my images are available as limited edition fine art prints. Some are also available for license through Getty Images. Please contact me if interested at

A larger selection of images can be seen on my Flickr site (for quick link, click the "two dots" button on bottom right of page below).

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